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Young Stock Club

Improving calf and heifer health and performance

Young Stock Club is a progressive service to improve calf and heifer health and performance. After the cost of feeding, young stock rearing represents the second largest variable expense to the dairy farmer after feed costs. 

Targeting an average age at first calving of 24 months is key to ensure healthy, productive and long living dairy heifers. The secret to achieving this is to address all areas involved in calf rearing, from birth to calving, from growth and disease to housing and nutrition. For those of you already doing a routine fertility visit this represents an ideal add on to the end of your visit. Time charged will stop when the cows are dealt with and the calves will be routinely inspected. Remember the catchphrase ‘Stop the Clock – Look at the Young Stock’!

What’s included? For £73 + VAT a month (average herd):

  • Heifer fertility planning
  • Veterinary spending and rearing cost analysis
  • Regular colostrum intake monitoring
  • Growth rate advice and analysis
  • Housing assessment and advice
  • On farm gross post mortem of all calf mortalities
  • Young stock nutrition review from birth to calving
  • Screening for causes of scour and pneumonia (serology for pneumonia pathogens and up to 10 calf scour samples)
  • Young stock plan – a portfolio of farm specific analysis, advice and monitoring data on current and future young stock management (reviewed annually)

If you are interested in joining Young Stock Club please speak to Ian McDonald.

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