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Babesiosus is a disease in dogs caused by Babesia Canis- a blood borne parasite. It is transmitted by infected ticks when they bite similar to Lyme’s disease in humans.

It is a disease affecting mainland Europe and, until recently, was only diagnosed in dogs that had travelled abroad. There has been a few cases in untraveled dogs in South East England in recent months indicating that ticks in the UK are able to spread the disease.  Signs of the disease include weakness, lethargy, pale gums and coffee coloured urine.


This disease is still rare in the UK but prevention is better than cure and our advice is to treat regularly with a long acting, effective, tick/flea treatment bearing in mind that many supermarket products are ineffective.  Please talk to one of our vets or nurses for advise on which paracite products are best for your dog.


When possible avoid tick dense areas when walking and always inspect your pets for ticks afterwards. A tick hook can be purchased from reception to enable you to remove ticks at home or any of our nurses would be happy to do this for you at the surgery.




Lungworm is an emerging disease in the UK. This means that, once rare, it is now becoming more common with South UK being worst affected. It affects dogs and foxes and is caused by infection with a parasite that takes up residence in the heart and blood vessels supplying the lungs. Infected animals show signs of exercise intolerance, progressive cough and breathlessness.


It is not passed from dog to dog as the parasite requires a snail/slug to develop so only pets that eat snails/slugs are at risk of contracting infection and only a small proportion of snails/slug will be carrying the infection at this time.


We advise that all dogs are wormed every 3 months for gastrointestinal worms but that those guilty of eating slugs/snails are at risk and should use one of the specific products that are additionally licensed to prevent lungworm.  Our vets or nurses can give you free advise on worming  - just pop in and talk to us. 


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