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Breeding Advice and Genomics

Have you ever considered using your vet for breeding advice?

Dairy farmers: How do you know that the bull selections and heifers you keep in the herd are meeting with your breeding objectives? Most importantly do these objectives match the health and production requirements for YOUR farm. 
Many dairy farmers are used to using genomic tested bulls. However, the same test can be performed on your own heifers. This allows us to reliably detect what genes they have inherited, check their parentage and predict their future performance. Using this information heifers can be ranked with the best kept for future breeding or even embryo production.
Your Vet is in an ideal position to provide this breeding advice, impartially, to provide you with a powerful tool to improve the genetic performance of you herd into the future.
As a new service to Academy Vets, Ian McDonald is a now a trained Clarifide provider.
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